Hellas Shipyards – Strike Craft Pack


Small craft play an important role from reconnaissance to aerospace dominance due to their speed, agility and numbers. Fighters for engaging with combatant fighters and small craft, Bombers for torpedo strikes against capital ships and Recon craft for speed, observation and light attack duties.

This pack contains the FA-9 Spark Fighter, BT-11 Firebrand Bomber and the RM-3 Ember Recon Craft.

All files are provided as both independent and pre-supported versions.

Bases include raised indicators for 180° and forward 45° firing arcs which can be painted to show the appropriate arc for specific units. Assembly instructions and notes included.


This pack includes STL files for ships, bases, posts and flight trees:

  • Fighter (15.4mm length)
  • Bomber (16.8mm length)
  • Recon (15.8mm length)
  • 30mm base with 3mm (1/8″) hole
  • 40mm Strike Craft token base
  • 3mm diameter flight post
  • Triple mount flight tree
  • Triple mount flight tree (angled)

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