Our digital STL files are available for purchase at Hardware Studios and MyMiniFactory as well as physical prints at Only-Games.co . Our fleet scale miniatures are ideal for tabletop starship combat games such as A Billion Suns, Warfleet:FTL, Full Thrust and others.

We currently have one fleet ready with more in development. Each of our fleets will be associated with a specific starship manufacturer, with each expressing a different design aesthetic.

Our first ship builder is Hellas Shipyards, located in geosynchronous orbit above Hellas Planitia Basin on Mars. They are known for their diverse range of civil and military starships with a focus on balanced offensive and defensive systems and clean, functional designs.

Stay tuned to our blog for news or join our Facebook group for info about additional ship designs and fleets!

Fleet Megapack (STL Files)

Force Projection Pack (STL Files)

Escort and Patrol Pack (STL Files)

Utility Ship Pack (STL Files)

Strike Craft Pack (STL Files)

Ship Size Comparison

The miniatures are designed for tabletop gaming with capital ships ranging from 30mm to 100mm in length. Strike craft are roughly 16mm in length. The contents tab for each model pack specifies the exact length of each ship.

These ships would be classified as Squadron Scale going by the guidelines at Starship Combat News.

M2 Flight Stand System

Our Magnetic Mount Flight Stand System allows for quick mounting and removal of miniatures from the flight stand so that ships can be easily removed for storage or swapped between bases with different firing arcs.

Each flight stand is made up of three components:

  • A base which comes in 30mm, 40mm or 60mm diameter.
  • A flight post which fits into the base, topped with a tabbed interlock adapter which holds a 3x2mm disc magnet.
  • A mounting adapter with a notched bottom side which mates with the flight post tabs and holds a 3x2mm disc magnet. The top side has a 3mm diameter nub to fit into a model mounting hole.

For larger miniatures (lengths greater than 80mm) it is recommended to use the Large Flight Post and Large Mounting Adapters which fit a 6x2mm magnet, providing a stronger hold.

Disc magnets are commonly available in neodymium or ferrite.  Neodymium magnets (specifically N52 rated) have a much stronger hold but are more expensive. We have had good luck with magnets from The Magnet Baron.