Digital STL Files

Most ships are separated into a hull model and an engine model. This allows for printed supports to be concentrated in areas that will be covered when the hull and engine are glued together, hiding many of the potentially unsightly blemishes caused by support structure contact points.


Insert Engine Block into Hull and glue into place

Each model comes in both plain and pre-supported versions. The supported versions have been test printed successfully on an Elegoo Saturn printer at 0.05mm layer height using Siraya Tech ABS-Like resin, but this does not guarantee successful prints on your specific combination of 3D printer and resin.

Usage License for Digital Files

The included digital 3D files (the product) are for personal use only and not any commercial printing activity. The product is not to be shared or distributed by any means. The product is not to be resold in whole or in part.

Physical Printed Products

For printed products from vendors such as Only Games, the models are separated into a hull and engine components to preserve details of the engines during printing. The engines should be glued into the recessed area of the hull as shown above.

Parts may require some trimming and sanding to clean up any residual blemishes from supports that were in contact with the model during the printing process.

Bases and Mounting

Ship models are designed with a 3.3mm diameter mounting hole which typically shrinks slightly during the printing process and should snugly fit a commonly available Litko 3mm (1/8″) flight peg or our range of M2 Flight Stand components.

Strike Craft Bases

Strike Craft can be mounted on the included Flight Tree or a 40mm Token Base if you prefer a low profile configuration. Either configuration is designed to mount three strike craft.

Flight trees can be mounted atop a 3mm acrylic post or, with a magnet, one of our M2 Flight Stand posts as shown below.


M2 Flight Stand System

Our Magnetic Mount Flight Stand System allows for quick mounting and dismounting of miniatures for easy storage and swapping of ships between bases.

The system consists of multiple compatible components for assembling flight stands for various sizes of miniatures and games: bases, posts, miniature adapters and accessories.

Purchase of additional parts, specifically magnets and metal washers are required for full functionality.

Magnetic Interlock Posts will require the purchase of neodymium magnet discs in the following sizes:

  • 3mm diameter x 2mm thick
  • 6mm diameter x 2mm thick

Larger 6x2mm magnets are useful for larger ships over 80mm in length.

It is recommended to purchase strong N52 magnets from a reliable vendor such as The Magnet Baron (

#6 metal washers (~10mm diameter and 1mm thick) are required for bases if they are going to be used with the Course Ring accessory. Typical #6 washers found at a hardware store are ferrous and work fine.

Magnet Polarity

It is highly recommended that you use a compass to determine the polarity of your magnets and ensure that they are aligned with their magnetic north pointed in the up direction. This will ensure that you have consistent alignment across all your components.

Flight Stand Assembly



Note: Attention has been paid to designing the parts to account for the slight shrinkage that occurs during the 3D printing and curing process. However, slight variances in the printing process due to temperature, resin mixture, and individual printer differences may still occur and the fit of some parts such as flight posts and the holes in the bases, may be tighter or looser than originally designed.

Should a base hole need to be loosened, careful use of a cylindrical needle file can be used to enlarge it.

Informational Videos about M2 Bases