Hellas Shipyards – Carrier Expansion Pack


When the tide of battle calls for swift and overwhelming aerospace supremacy, carriers stand as the pivotal force in your arsenal. These massive vessels, ferrying a lethal array of fighters and bombers, are not just a component of the fleet — they are the striking arm that turns the course of battle, delivering precision and power where it matters most.

This pack includes the Borealis Class Battle Carrier, Spica Class Assault Carrier and Vega Class Light Carrier as well as the SXB-3 Stealth Bomber and BHT-4 Heavy Bomber.


Includes STL files for ships, bases, posts and adapters:

Battle Carrier (95mm length)
Assault Carrier (71mm length)
Light Carrier (70mm length)
Heavy Bomber (17mm length)
Stealth Bomber (17mm length)

30mm base
40mm base
60mm base
40mm Strike Craft token base
Triple mount flight tree
Triple mount flight tree (angled)
3mm diameter plain post (40mm length)
3mm diameter plain post (50mm length)
3x2mm magnetic interlock post
3x2mm magnetic interlock adapter
6x2mm magnetic interlock post
6x2mm magnetic interlock adapter

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