Hellas Shipyards – Fleet MegaPack


A full fleet of capital ships, escorts, utility ships and strike craft capable of performing a wide range of space combat missions, from system defense to deep strikes in enemy territory.

This pack includes the Kodiak Class Battleship, Corsair Class Cruiser, Polaris Class Carrier, Bering Class Destroyer, Danmark Class Frigate, Mirrin Class Monitor, Severin Class Corvette, Bronco Class Gunship, Antelope Class Light Utility and Medium Utility Ships, FA-9 Spark Fighter, BT-11 Firebrand Bomber and the RM-3 Ember Recon Craft.

All files are provided as both independent and pre-supported versions.

This pack includes exclusive Martian Models Magnetic Interlock posts which allow for quick mounting and removal of miniatures from the flight stand so that ships can be easily removed for storage or swapped between bases with different firing arcs.

Bases include raised indicators for 180° and forward 45° firing arcs which can be painted to show the appropriate arc for specific units. Assembly instructions and notes included.


This pack includes STL files for ships, bases, posts and adapters:

  • Battleship (121mm length)
  • Battleship turrets (Dual cannon, Flak gun, Point Defense Dome and Sensor Cluster)
  • Cruiser (89mm length)
  • Carrier (96mm length)
  • Destroyer (77mm length)
  • 30mm base
  • 40mm base
  • 60mm base
  • 3mm diameter plain post (40mm length)
  • 3mm diameter plain post (50mm length)
  • 3x2mm magnetic interlock post
  • 3x2mm magnetic interlock adapter
  • 6x2mm magnetic interlock post
  • 6x2mm magnetic interlock adapter

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