Hellas Shipyards Vessels Available Now!

The first sets of starship miniatures from the Hellas Shipyards orbital docks are now available for purchase at Hardware Studios. Perfect for starship combat games like A Billion Suns, the first three packs are available now with additional models coming in the future.

Force Projection Pack

When diplomacy fails and overwhelming force is required for decisive victory, these capital ships are the backbone of your fleet. This pack includes the Corsair Class Cruiser, Polaris Class Carrier and Bering Class Destroyer.

Escort and Patrol Pack

Serving a wide range of missions such as escorting high value convoys, protecting capital ships and system defense, these mid-range ships are the workhorses of the fleet. This pack includes the Danmark Class Frigate, Mirrin Class Monitor, Severin Class Corvette and Bronco Class Gunship.

Strike Craft Pack

Small craft play an important role from reconnaissance to aerospace dominance due to their speed, agility and numbers. Fighters for engaging with combatant fighters and small craft, Bombers for torpedo strikes against capital ships and Recon craft for speed, observation and light attack duties. This pack contains the FA-9 Spark Fighter, BT-11 Firebrand Bomber and the RM-3 Ember Recon Craft.

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